Prada Guided Tours

The Prada Foundation offers guided tours of the village to groups consisting of at least 12 people.
The groups will be accompanied by certified/knowledgeable guides and technicians who are part of the project.
Interested groups may contact the Prada Foundation to discuss day, time, length, and topics of the visit.
A guided tour offers the opportunity, if decided in advance, to visit not only the village, but also the church, which is (chiesa)/are (Villaggio e chiesa) usually closed to the public, with guides knowledgeable in a variety of topics.

2022 Visit by Associazione Archeologica Ticinese (Ticino Archaeology Society)

September saw the visit to Prada by the Associazione Archeologica Ticinese (Ticino Archaeology Society), which counts around 600 members and it is now one of the major Swiss societies in its field.
The visit was led by archaeologist Giorgio Nogara, who is the project supervisor, and the historian Stefano Anelli, who acts as the historian of the Prada Foundation.

Cantonal Pathways Day 2022

The traditional festivities organized by TicinoSentieri took place in Prada with around forty participants representing the city of Bellinzona, the Dipartimento del Territorio (Department of Land and Territory), Regional Tourist Organisations (OTR), municipalities, patrician societies, and businesses responsible for the pathways maintenance.

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