Fondazione Prada
IDI CHE-362.217.797

Fondazione Prada's purpose is to promote and enhance the discovery of a distant past tied to Bellinzona's territory, historically and culturally, by bringing back to life the ancient abandoned village of Prada, located in a valuable archaeological and panoramic site.

We seek to promote and finance interventions that aim to recover and protect Prada, restoring and making the buildings available to the public once again, depending on their original function and their state of preservation. The entire area will be fitted with signs and information panels. This will be achieved in close cooperation with the four urban patriciates (Ravecchia, Bellinzona, Carasso, and Daro), the Municipality of Bellinzona, the parish of Ravecchia, and the Association «Nümm da Prada».

We also wish to promote, enhance and finance events, academic meetings and any other activity aiming to disseminate greater awareness of this ancient village in all its cultural and socio-economic aspects.

Fondazione Prada is a nonprofit public interest foundation.