Serta playground - Prada
(15min, 1Km ca.)

Fast trail leading to Prada.
Mountain trail that starts from the coeval Serta, runs along the mountain with small climbs and descents ideal for trekking or for those who like to walk in peace.
You are completely immersed in the quiet of the forest and, except for the last climb that still offers a pleasant view over the entire Magadino plain, the route is not demanding.

Bellinzona Sasso Corbaro castle - Prada
(30min, 2Km ca.)

Panoramic trail for Prada.
Except in some points where it is advised to look good where you put your feet, the path is quiet and does not present demanding climbs.
Initially paved with large spaces is gradually into the forest. In addition to the predominance of chestnut trees, you can find plants of locust and elder, as well as some nice semi-hidden figurines along the way.

Bellinzona San Giovanni Hospital - Prada
(45min, 1Km ca.)

All uphill path that leads to Prada.
An old mule track, initially paved, plunges into the woods and cuts the mountain. Halfway you can rest thanks to a panoramic stop area with bench and fountain.
Until the middle of the last century, for the feast of S. Rocco in the month of August, it was customary to go to Prada in procession, starting from the church of S. Biagio. Currently, the tradition of celebrating two Masses has been maintained: Pentecost Monday and for S. Rocco in August, where for both occasions the volunteers of the Association "Nümm da Prada" organize the party with lunch on site.

Trail maps
Source: Swisstopo Federal Office of Topography

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