Post-deforestation Prada

Pictures taken after the deforestation ended in 2018.

Highlight fase 0

Promotional video of the wood hauling performed in Prada between March and April.

Forest control with helicopters

The smaller trees will be attached to the helicopter's hook to be transported to Serta (the forest's deposit center); the bigger ones will be attached to the helicopter's hook and unmounted (cut by the worker on the plant) directly mid-height and transported to the forest's deposit center.


Pictures taken over decades in Prada before 2017

Press conference "Phase 0" and control visits

Press conference and first public release on Wednesday 10 May 2017 for the Prada Foundation.
In the patrician hall of the Bellinzona Civic Palace, President Alberto Marietta, his deputy Pierluigi Piccaluga, forestry officer Andrea Marta, illustrated to the present journalists from La Regione Ticino, Corriere del Ticino, Giornale del Popolo, Tessiner Zeitung and Tele Ticino, the composition and purpose of the Foundation, the excavation work carried out in recent weeks between the ruins of the medieval village and the first phase of the ancient core recovery project.
Inspections in the Prada area during the forest control operations, necessary to free the ruins from the suffocating vegetation.
Guided by Pierluigi Piccaluga, Angela Grässli Ostini, Carlo Ponzio and Carlo Chicherio, engineer Martino Bonardi, head of the forestry office of the 9th district and his colleague Pietro Bomio-Pacciorini, who has taken care of the operations first hand, have verified the progress of the delicate and complex operations that have been carried out by the workers from Ghiro SA, represented by Marco Rosa.

Parties in Prada

Photos of the parties and events held in Prada

The church of San Girolamo and San Rocco in Prada

The church of Santi Girolamo e Rocco is the best preserved monument of the ancient nucleus and serves as a natural meeting point between village and path.
In any case, the building of worship today is a later reworking of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries and has interesting frescoes of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, restored in 1986.
The entire church has been restored and is now curated by the association - "nümm da Prada" active since 1974.

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