Recover, preserve and make Prada known as a highly important medieval village, historically and architecturally speaking, that lies abandoned but not forgotten since the 17th century.


Work progress

06.03.2017 Forest control at Prada begins. Work to cut down plants growing in the area that used to be occupied by the old village have begun, in order to prevent further damage to the old dwellings. Some of the masonry has been repaired to allow this first phase to be carried out safely.

Topographic survey

Survey performed in 2007 by archaeologist topographer Giorgio Nogara on behalf of the UBC.

Prada 1-500

Future events

10.06.'19 Feast of Pentecost in Prada. Mass in the church of S. Girolamo and S. Rocco and follow the lunch organized by the "nümm da Prada" enlivened by live music.



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